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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 10, 2012 4:30am-4:55am EDT

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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning americ . you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. baltimore is rallying around the o's. the team may be away but fans e celebrating here at home. they are only len but they are in serious trouble with the law. find out how the boys got their hands on more than a dozen bombs. air bags are supposed to keep you safe but now there's some concern this morning about they causing -- them doing more harm than good. everything you need to know in a live report before you head out this morning. it's wednesday morning, the middle of the week, thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. charley is out live again at the yard and might be living down there. if he is, it's chilly and i
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hope he has a heated tent. let's see if we are in for a warmup here's meteorologist lynette charles. >> we are in for a warmup. more seasonable for today a goodday on top. this morning not so great. looking at maryland's motherpowerful radar you think it's dry but you could be dealing with misting and drizzle and the reason why it's not showing up on the radar is because those droplets are too small to detect. as you step out, be prepared for that. things will improve throughout the day. temperatures actually coming in above average annapolis 56 degrees. perry hall at 54 and emmetts burg at -- emmettburg at 51. 6 this morning temperatures around 56 not budging too much and around 9 mostly cloudy skies. lunchtime warming up, 67 so the trend will be for decreasing clouds throughout the day and here's reduced individualibility this morning. we have about 1 mile of reduced visibility now in baltimore.
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let's check the abc2 time abeer -- saver traffic with lynette. >> reporter: -- lauren. >> reporter: righter in -- right here in baltimore reduce visible. if you are use the jfx into the city, no delays from the beltway all the way downtown to eat fayette street. everything is up to speed through the fort mchenry and harbor tunnel. 695 looking live outside at old court road, nothing to get in your way as you travel down towards 95. here's a shot of the beltway in parkville at harford road. everything is moving along. no problems up to towson. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. 4:32. many of us are waking up a little less gritty eyed because there's no late night watching the orioles and yankees thanks to a travel day. that's going to change tonight. we will get you ready for the
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game. city is host -- the city is hosting a pep rally and charley is live with more details at city hall with more details of what's in store. i am so used to seeing you at the yard i forgot where you were. but you are ready to party. >> reporter: they kicked me out of camden yards and said get out of here. the o's are on the road and sent me to city hall. remember what it was like in high school on fridays with the pep rallies before the football or basketball games? that's the same spirit they are going for today at city hall. around 10 crn 30, they will -- 10:30 they will strike up the bapped and get everyone -- band and get everyone ready for the game tonight. those fans to can't travel up to new york will be able to show their enthusiasm this morning outside city hall. they are looking for the voice, that undeniable spirit that produced 120 dessibility inside -- decibels inside camden yard they want to bring that here getting ready for the game tonight in new york.
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and as we turn our eyes northward towards the big apple, a lot of people may be heading that way for the game so they can have a sea of orange and new yorkers may have a different perspective. and don harrison takes a look what the they had to say about the coming o's invasion. >> reporter: we are used to new yorkers-vading bolt hoar and it's our -- invading baltimore but it's our turn. >> we play for the post season. this is all i've known. we have been in the post season every year for 15, 16 years or so minus the one year. so this is a regular season for us. no offense. >> reporter: you think new york is worried about baltimore fans coming up here? >> no. they will kill them, the yankees. they will get them. you come buy your tickets and watch. it's all right. the more the better. >> i ami hate the team. -- i hate the team i miss the
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old stadium but nothing i hate the yankees. the end. >> reporter: not everybody loves the yankees but we will see how much they love the orioles after we take them on in game 3. for good morning maryland, here in the bronx, i am don harrison, abc2 news. >> reporter: and abc2 has you covered to new york. game 3 tonight from the new yankee stadium set tore for 7:- - for 7:30. tomorrow night's game 4 will be at 7:30 and game 5 will be friday evening around 5:00 first pitch around 5:05 if game 5 is necessary. like i mentioned, we had we have it covered can-- we have it covered all things orioles with the divisional playoffs. jamie and don is up there. more stories throughout the day on good morning maryland. we are live where the pep rally is set for later on this morning. now back to you. new this morning, these
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days the internet gives your child access to all sorts of information and for two boys what they found inspired them to break the law. police say the 11-year-old boys vandalized a mormon church after long how to build soda bombs. they littered the parking lot with 13 over the weekend. 10 exploded no one was hurt. and there was no damage. however, church members do fear that threats like this they are becoming the norm. >> we have had vandalism and windows broken out at three of our buildings. with the election going on and what have you, we have had that as a concern. we have had an increased in vandalism nationwide. >> he is saying that because one of the candidates is mormon mitt romney. bottle bombs made with hydraulic acid can cause serious injury and those boys this morning they are facing criminal charges. an important warning to pass along to you this morning. it deals with counterfeit air bags used during car repairs.
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sherrie johnson is live at rogers forge with more on what you need to know. what do you this all about. >> reporter: we depend on air bags each and every day to save our lives in case of an accident. today, the government is actually warning car owners whose air bags have been replaced in the past three years that dangerous counterfeit bags may have been installed. the national traffic highway safety administration says tens of thousands of car owners may be driving vehicles with counterfeit air bags. some of the counterfeit bags do not inflate properly. in one case a. counterfeit backfired sharts of plastic and projectiles. they have been made to look like air bags made by automakers and include a manufacturer's logo. so far, no deaths or injuries have been reported. checking out air bags could run $100 or more and some cabs have as many as 8 -- some cars have
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as many as 8 air bags. you can call your local manufacturer or local dealership to find out if your vehicle model is actually one of the counterfeit air bags. all in an effort to keep you and your family safe. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it's a good chance you have not been outside yet but if you saw sherrie you could tell it's misty and foggy and in some spots rany. is that the -- rainy. is that the norm or will things clear out. >> we will start to clear out as we go throughout the day. tonight look like it. as we -- doesn't look like it. we are tracking a front that will slice through the area by this afternoon. it will be a dry front bringing a cool down heading into tomorrow. and we will have a secondary front on the way going into friday. but for right now, we are dealing with the mist you are talking about and patchy fog. we have clouds and the clouds will decrease going throughout
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the day. so i will call it a sun-cloud mix. do you need the heavy coat this morning? no necessarily because the temperatures are above average. we are in the 40s -- 50s not the low 50s 40. 55 in annapolis. good morning baltimore. you are at 54 and manchester 52. and havre de grace at 55 and easton at 56 degrees this morning. and goldsboro coming in at 57 degrees. i am going to talk more about the forecast and how much sun we can expect and how cool the temperatures are going to be. megan. >> all right. thanks so much lynette. the deadly meningitis outbreak keeps getting worse. how many people in maryland are affected. and it's the latest toyota recall to tell you about. this one in more than a decade. find out if your car is on the list of being safe to drive. they have been around for decades but you may not be able to find the vintage coke bottles.
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details straight ahead. >> reporter: no delays on the harrisburg expressway. i will let you know about 95 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland. clear you are looking at new york city's times square. we are a few hours away from the orioles versus yankees game. hopefully baltimore can pull off another win. stay with us. much more coming up.
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in this morning's health alert there's no win in sight when it comes to the meningitis outbreak. 119 people in 10 states have contracted the disease. in maryland, health officials say that three more people have the fungal meningitis bringing the total number to 8. 12 deaths nationwide including one in our area. all the people infected received steroid injections in their back. the tainted med sane came from a compounding farm -- medicine came from a compounding pharmacy in massachusetts. they are offering words of comfort to the victims.
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>> on behalf of the board, i want to express our deepest sympathy for patients and their families impacted by this tragedy. >> the pharmacy recall that contaminated injections the cdc says up to 13,000 people may have received that tainted drug. today is world mental health day and the goal is to promote open discussion about mental disorders. and reiterate the importance of seeking treatment and that's available out there. more than 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. and that's why the theme this year is depression of global can -- a global crisis. you know her as a former vice presidential candidate but sarah palin is trying her hand at something new. palin told people magazine she and her family are working on a new fitness book. the 48-year-old says it's going to be about health and self- discipline. she is going to explain how her family guess energy eating
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beloved homemade comfort food. she is known for serving chocolate cream pie and mousse chili. no word on when that book is going to be published and available. making headlines around the nation this morning. jerry sandusky is in a jail cell this morning. the 68-year-old former penn state assistant football coach will spend the next 30 years behind bars. yesterday, a judge sentenced him to at least 30 years but no more than 60 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period. in court, jerry sandusky said he is innocent and insisted that he didn't do the disgusting acts. his lawyers plan to appeal his sentencing. he showed up at the airport in los angeles wearing a bulletproof vest and flame retardant pants underneath the trench code. he was detained and this happened last friday after agents found a variety of weapons inside his luggage items included the smoke
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grenade to several billy clubs and a full faced respirator a hatchet and body bags as well as a biohazard suit and handcuffs. he traveled to the united states from japan harris is scheduled to be in court on friday. we will let you know what happens. a massive fire overnight injuries five firefighters. it's happening at a commercial bailed building near the ven towerra freeway. it stared in brush and moved onto a building. towering flames shot into the sky. building is is a total-- thebuilding is a so thal loss. no one is sure -- total loss. no one is sure what kind of materials is housed there. what happened with a death defying sky deeive attempt remember this we told you about it yesterday. he was trying to set a record for the highest free fall ever about 23 miles above the earth. well, during the jump, he was expected to free fall faster
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than 690 miles an hour. it's hard to imagine what that looks like. so, he is hoping to become the first person to break that sound barrier in a sky dive. he plans to make another attempt at it tomorrow if the weather conditions improve. that's the big if in that. so i am sure he'll be at it again. >> maybe it's good thing the weather didn't cooperate. >> i know. it doesn't seem safe. i am sure he knows what he's doing because he made a career of it but he seems a little nut. >> reporter: i would never do that would you? >> no. >> no. >> hopefully no one is going 690 miles per hour on the beltway. >> reporter: no a little fog so you want to be extra careful. but so far so good. >> good. >> looks like we are stuck. >> what do you mean. >> dreary and. >> yeah it's that way this morning. we will warm up and get more sunshine going throughout the day. so if you can stick it out this morning going into the afternoon, things will improve. let's show you what's going on in terms of the temperatures. so i can say if you didn't like the coolish chilly weather that we were dealing with a couple
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days ago, this morning we are seeing improvement because the temperatures are coming in the 50s. so 53 in reisterstown and we should be at 48 for the low temperature this time of year. we are at 54 in sykesville. west friendship at 52. we are dealing with patchy fog. the air is saturated so 100% humidity in reisterstown and that's where you are dealing with the fog. you want the low he beams on so you can-- low beams on so you can see less of the fog and more of the road. high pressure is building in for the most part slightly mainly to the south. but what's happening with this area of high pressure, it's going to allow for the cold front to move through. once that scoots off we will see more southerly return and temperatures will be more seasonable. we will warm up throughout the day. this cold front moves through and behind it, we have another area of high pressure bringing us plenty of sunshine in here and cooler temperatures as we head into tomorrow. if you can hold onto tomorrow we will see lots of sunshine in
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the forecast. now, the future trend not picking up on a whole lot. that front that moves through today will be a dry front. maybe a couple sprinkles and a few more clouds but we should stay dry going into the afternoon. this is the forecast. i am going with 70 today and it's going to be warmer. and then by tonight, 43, mostly clear and chilly. tomorrow's temperature 61. mostly sunny and cool and here's 7-day forecast for you as it looks good as we are going into friday and saturday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. loving the birds in your forecast. hopefully the orioles will beat the yankees. we are keeping our fingers crossed. watch out for a patchy fog that's causing reducedvisibility. bad in baltimore. using 95 to get to the airport, no delays right now traveling northbound up through the tums. southbound travel also going to be nice and clear if you are heading to dc. for those in howard county, no problems on interstate 70 from
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columbia pike over to the beltway. and you're looking live at the west side of 695 at liberty road. no problems getting down to 95 or if you are traveling that inner loop up through pikesville. 795 at could bys mill road-- cocyks mill road no problems at all. megan over to you. five things to know as you head out the door. a massive recall overnight. toyota says more than 2 million of the yarris and coreola cars have power window problems. no accidents or injuries because of the problem but they want you to know about this. because of the color of your skin, denied. that's a issue before the supreme court today. ey will hear the case of a white woman who clays the university texas didn't admit her based on race. the case could come down to whether a majority on the bench believe affirmative action is no longer necessary. keeping your family safe. that's the focus of two
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important hearings at baltimore city hall today. one will be on having the fire department hold public hearings prior to the closing of any fire truck company. the second one calls on a fire chief to explain how the recent fire company closures will impact the city fire protection plan. what park the attack that killed four americans with the u.s. state department says it was not that antimuslim video. a detail run down of the attack in libya was made public when reporters asked about the white house explanation linking the video to the attack, the state department says that question was for others to answer. call it end of an era after more than 08 years, the last -- 80 years, the last 6 1/2 ounce coke bottles rolled on the assembly line in the plant in minnesota. they say they are discontinuing the bottles because the market turned to cans and plastic bottles. most bottles will be displayed in the world of coke museum in
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georgia. bullying is is a problem we hear about -- is a problem we hear about daily. we will introduce you to a high school student who became a victim caught on camera. >> we are less than one month until the election. what the polls suggest could lie ahead coming up next. >> all right. we have the phone to talk about this morning. we are dealing with the iphone but you can get information on the android. just go to our website and down load the app. annapolis, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures right around 59 degrees. don't go anywhere. i will have that orioles forecast coming up. wççñçñ
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thanks for joining us. mitt romney and president obama run for office, they often cross the state on the same day. yesterday both were campaigning in ohio. they are close geographically
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and may be getting closer in the polls as well. emily schmidt has a look at the swing of support in key state. >> reporter: the prtion election is -- presidential election is less than four weeks away and folks suggesting they can change their mind the candidates must make sure every minute counts. likely ohio viers say 1 in 8 could shift their allegiance. president obama has 41 to 47% lead over romney who had been 7 to 10 points up before the debate. romney gets support from men and obama from women. but the polls shows older voters independent and suburban voters are equally divided. that's a close race having candidates talking ticktock. >> i have been watching the president obama's rallies and they chant four more years four more years i


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